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From the very beginning of its birth, Xingxiang has been adhering to the philosophy of "creating a warm and comfortable life", advocating fragrance marketing, aiming at providing aromatherapy products and improving space environment services as its own pursuit, devoting itself to providing customers with brand-new air quality services and olfactory marketing solutions, and providing consumers with a full sense of space life.

The quality of space air environment is what we attach great importance to. Perfume depends on our own MNE aromatherapy brand. At the same time, we introduce modern international advanced science and technology and high-quality aromatherapy products, which will affect the atmosphere, function and function of aromatherapy in hotels, clubs, entertainment centers and other public spaces. Through access to aromatherapy machine and aromatherapy, we can achieve various functions and time control of aromatherapy. All-round service of the system. By combining olfactory marketing with high-quality marketing, we can create a brand image of olfactory for enterprises and hotels. On the basis of

, Xingxiang continuously improves the brand’s own development by professional air quality inspection and management team and advanced air ...